Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide

One day a year we can show our mothers how much she means to us. The question is, how? Let’s face it, your mom can only accept so many homemade coupons in a lifetime.

Here are our FAVORITE gift ideas for Mother’s Day…


The Gift of Travel.

Everyone needs a vacation and most mom’s rarely get them. American Airlines offers virtual or physical gift cards so she can take that overdue dream trip she’s been talking about since you were little. She deserves it. 


A New Piece of Art. 

If your mom is anything like mine, she has never stopped decorating, and then re-decorating the house. The one thing that doesn’t change, her art. Especially art created by or given to her by her children. If you're looking for inspiration; here is one of our absolute favorite artists;

Britni Mara - Britni is a Chicago artist who creates gorgeous eco-friendly paintings ( like the one pictured above) using natural materials like flowers and herbs as dyes. Check out her incredible work on Instagram @britnimaraart or online at


Something to look after.  

There’s no doubt about it, a mom loves watching her kids grow. When we can’t be near her, we can give her something else to shine that love on. Companies like ‘The Sill’ have beautiful plants for every mom. 


Sustainable Style & Comfort. 

(In the form of Wooden Watches and Sunglasses)

Somehow it seems no matter how much time passes Mom’s are constantly on-the-go. Give her something comfortable that will help her keep track of time. 

Joycoast is a local Chicago brand which offers sustainable fashion accessories made from wood for both men and women. Our wooden watches and wooden sunglasses are not only stylish, but are nearly 40% more lightweight than the average pieces. So light in fact, she will forget she’s wearing them. To top it off, Joycoast plants 10 trees for every product sold. 

Click the links to see some of our favorite women's wooden watches and sunglasses or visit us on Instagram @joycoastwoodwatches

You can even get 25% off for Mother’s Day using code: "MomsDay25"


 An Excuse to Practice Self Care

Nothing says “I love you” more than giving her an excuse to feel and look her best. 

Put together a Self Care Kit with: cozy slippers, a fuzzy robe, bath bombs, and a scented candle. All of which can easily be found online. Take it a step further and throw in a fitness membership. One of our absolute favorites right now is Melissa Wood Health. She offers a ton of amazing classes (including pre and post-natal fitness), healthy recipes, and daily meditations.

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