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Owner is fantastic. Bought my self 4 pairs and several of friends pairs. The fit is great and there is a style for every individual.


I love my Vega sunglasses because they are light, unique and stunning!! Even my husband is jealous that I was gifted these as a wonderful thank you from my company. The sustainability is impressive and the reason I will buy more!

LOVE the Koa x Black Stainless Steel

I was skeptical at first when a friend told me that all the products were made of wood. However, after trying it on prior to buying, I was pleasantly surprised. I've had this watch band now for 2 weeks and I'm loving it for its uniqueness, comfort, and beauty. Honestly, it's better than any other apple watch band I've every purchased. I'm a nurse and it wash my hands constantly throughout the day and it's held up without concern.

Love the watch! Had a great experience purchasing from Joycoast!

Great shades!

Very lightweight, super comfortable and don’t slip off your nose! Only thing is the shading is a little bright, otherwise great sunglasses.


Great looking and unique frame with ultralight and clear lenses. Nice

"The Jo" | Ebony
Mohamed Almaimani

"The Jo" | Ebony

"Lilah" | Ebony Wood
Rea Hernandez
Looks great

Very comfortable! Light weight also

Awesome case…definitely worthwhile!

This case is honestly amazing. It’s sleek and cool- looking with the cork material, but also really great quality and practical. Love how compact it is folded up when the glasses aren’t in it… brilliant! Honestly, I’m not sure whether I was more excited about my sunglasses or the awesome case… very satisfied with both! And the fact that this company gives back to the Earth just makes me even happier with my purchase. 100% recommend.

"Everyday" | Maple Wood
Jennifer Rowley
LOVE love love

I bought the sapphire background dark walnut watch for my winter watch...which means I have to have a summer watch, right? The wood is so light and breathable, also the face is so easy to READ, makes for a great gift for anyone who has trouble reading the smaller dials. The rose gold gives it some solid flare too

"Bentley" | Dark Sandalwood & Zebra

detailed craftsmanship

I love the vintage/futuristic shape and details combined with a look of craftsmanship on these sunglasses. They look masculine perhaps on their own they sit really well on my face. Because they are wood they are very lightweight, and I feel like my nose doesn't get as sweaty as with plastic sunglasses, so they are very comfortable. The detail on the glasses is awesome. The lenses has a slightly purplish tint, and i prefer the warmer tint of the other pair I got from Joycoast, but they are very clear and high-quality.

super light and flattering

I am a female and they are very flattering on my face, although they appear unisex. I love the clarity of the lenses, they seem very high quality. They have a very minor warmth to them which is nice. The glasses are feather light which is awesome for the hot summer. The natural wood sides are beautiful and the glasses are overall very high quality in appearance and function. Very happy with my purchase!

Beautiful band


Awesome watch!

I bought this because I wanted to try something new. The face is perfect (needed a larger face for my aging eyes) and I’ve received many compliments on the kaleidoscope band.

Best sunglasses I've ever bought!

I happened upon the Joycoast stall at the Andersonville Renegade Crafts fair and was immediately blown away by the beautiful wood sunglasses I saw. The pair I bought are the "Malcom" style with wood frames and they look and feel so fantastic and are made with such high quality craftsmen ship. I don't think I'll make it through this summer without buying at least one more pair!

Perfect sunglasses

Wedding Band

My wife got me this as an early Father’s Day gift as an upgrade to my wedding band. It pairs well with the watch I was gifted as well!

"Winnie" | Multiple Style Options

Awesome Apple Watch Band

Loving my new watch band. Purchased during the Renegade Fair in Andersonville. They sized the band for me and I’ve been enjoying ever since. Thanks for the great service!

Personal Touch

I visited the Joycoast tent at a recent street event in Andersonville. They were very friendly and helpful with selling my new red sandalwood watch, and took the time to adjust the fit and show me how to make any future adjustments myself.

Just purchased the "Terra" Wayfinder sunglasses

They're fantastic. I've been disappointed with many of the expensive sunglasses I've had over the years. They either don't fit right or they're not made sturdy enough - not worth the price at any rate. But these Joycoast glasses are remarkable because they are utterly unique in their look and super sturdy and flexible in their design and build. And they're unbelievably affordable. Honestly, the best of all worlds for nice sunglasses. And the lenses are some of the best I've had in sunglasses. This is not to mention that they're sustainably made, as far as I can tell. Plus is a small Chicago business ... Highly recommended.

Buy this NOW! You’ll be happy you did.

I absolutely love this band. I get so many compliments about it! In the world of Apple Watch bands it’s hard to find something cute and unique. This covers both on every level.

Amazing quality

The craftsmanship of the frame and lenses are top notch. Great value for the price! Love the wooden accents and how the metal frame wraps around them. Incredibly light, sits snug on my nose, and also really durable. The hinges are snappy and the lenses come polarized. Really happy with my purchase.


Super lightweight and stylish. Love the mission as well.