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Earth Day 2020

Earth Day 2020

Wow. Another year around the sun... 

Does anyone else feel like Mother Earth just sent us to our rooms for being bad? Well, today is the perfect day to make it up to her. Why? It's Earth Day! 

In an effort to always give back, Joycoast plants 10 trees for every product sold though a partnership with "Trees for The Future." This month we are doubling that number, planting 20 trees and offering customers 20% off of their order; a "Give 20, get 20" initiative. Visit us on instagram @joycoastwoodwatches to get your discount code! 

Here are some other ways you can lower your carbon footprint and live sustainably: 

1. Turn off all unnecessary lights. Soak in that beautiful sunshine, read in the moonlight and use the natural light we're given. 

2. The 2nd "R"  - Reuse. Buy reusable grocery bags and water bottles. Leave the grocery bags by the door, or in your trunk so you don't forget them on your next grocery run! This is not only safer for the environment, but saves you from hoarding plastic bags under your sink for 10 years. A reusable water bottle next to your desk is a great reminder to hydrate throughout the day! 

3. Shop sustainable brands. Joycoast uses only FSC Certified wood for all of our products. What does that mean? The wood is sourced from sustainably managed forests. No harmful clear-cutting is involved. The fashion industry alone accounts for 10% of annual global carbon emissions. Help flatten the curve by shopping eco-friendly products. 

4. Grow your own garden. There are SO many amazing plants you can buy to help the air quality in your home or office. Start with a seedling and grow some of your own. A favorite site of ours is "The Sill." They have a ton of helpful guides on plant-parenting, from which plants are pet safe, to the type of light you have available. 

5. Get out there. Walk, bike, your money, save on emissions, and get some fresh air. 

Let us know how you live sustainably on instagram @joycoastwoodwatches 

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