Regular Watch Giveaways

Regular Watch Giveaways

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A year that will be written into history books. A year that changed the world for us all.

Through the chaos, and confusion of these unprecedented times we can only hope that humanity as a whole is made better.

 “Picture this: it's late 2020. Our houses are clean and organized. We are more connected in our relationships than ever before because all we’ve been able to do is communicate. We’ve been forced to focus on self-care, so we’re thriving.

We came out of our houses and the world reopens. We are kinder, more loving, more grateful, more understanding, and appreciative of the beauty of life and human connection. Together we rebuild the world intentionally and sustainably.”

  • Author Unknown

Sounds pretty great, right? Why wait? Let’s start now.

 Small and large businesses, ours included, are struggling to make it through this pandemic. We could just offer more discounts and start spamming your email, but that’s not what we’re about.

Our mission at Joycoast is to build a lifestyle unburdened by the weight of the world. We wanted to find a way to help our community through these crazy times as much as it has helped us.

So, if you visit our Instagram (@joycoastwoodwatches) you will find a regular giveaways and contests, in addition to great images of our customers. A FREE way for you to help us continue to grow without having to take out your wallets. Win a little something for yourself, or have it sent to a loved one.

We have partnered with “Trees for the Future” a company that plants 10 trees for every Joycoast product sold (or given away.)

Spread love. Stay home. Stay healthy. Find joy.