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Walnut & Dark Sandalwood

Walnut & Dark Sandalwood - Wooden Watches and Sunglasses - Joycoast

Walnut & Dark Sandalwood

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This beautiful wooden watch combines two timeless classics, Natural American Walnut and African Dark Sandalwood. A great addition to a guy’s wardrobe, this hand-crafted men’s watch is extremely versatile. The dual-toned wooden watch is attractive with a suit, khakis, or blue jeans.

The comfortable fit and featherweight feel make this watch an everyday favorite. Surprisingly durable as well as stylish, the Walnut and Dark Sandalwood Wooden Watch is a perfect gift for a guy who’s more down-to-earth than showy. He’ll love the look and feel of the natural wood on his wrist.

Personalized engraving makes this watch extra special.


  • Natural American Walnut & African Dark Sandalwood
  • High Quality Japanese Quartz Movement
  • Easy-Fasten Standard Buckle
  • Water Resistant
  • 30-Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 12-Month Manufacturer Warranty
  • Custom Watch Engraving Available




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