Why Wooden Watches?

Unique, stylish and durable – these are just a few things we love about wooden watches. Really, we love EVERYthing about them. Not to mention, wood is both natural and renewable, and it has a far less impact on ecological resources than other materials. At Joycoast, every product is hand-crafted with wood harvested only from FSC-certified forests, and each product sold will help plant 10 new trees in areas that need them most through our partnership with Trees.org.

About FSC-Certified Wood

FSC-Certified Wood signifies the wood comes from responsibly managed forests.  The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) adheres to a strict set of guidelines ensuring products come only from forests that are responsibly managed. Their overall mission is to “promote environmentally sound, socially beneficial, and economically prosperous management” of forests; therefore, when you buy a product from Joycoast, you can take comfort in knowing that no harm is being done to the natural environment. Read more about advantages of the FSC.

Yeah, We Plant 10 Trees - but it’s More Than That

The ultimate goal at Joycoast is to maintain a negative carbon footprint while continuing to provide our customers with an exceptional product. To achieve this, a portion of each sale is devoted to our partners, Trees for the Future, who work to restore degraded land by planting trees. 

The Tree Planting Process

Trees for the Future is an organization that teaches local families in Africa how to farm and harvest “forest gardens”. The forest garden approach gives farmers the proper training and resources needed to plant thousands of trees. So when you purchase a wooden watch from Joycoast, part of the sale will help provide enough resources for roughly 10 trees to be planted. Not only does this help restore degraded land, but it also provides a long-term source of food and income for struggling families in Africa. Pretty amazing stuff! Learn more about this organization and its mission at trees.org.

Trees.org works in 5 countries: Senegal, Cameroon, Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. You can view their impressive impact report here.

Styles of Wooden Watches

Our wood watches and sunglasses are made from many different types of wood and come in styles for both men and women. Some watches have a darker wood grain, while others have a lighter, milder grain. You can dress them up for a classier look, or down to keep it more casual. You can even choose between a classic style watch or a chronograph, depending on your lifestyle. 

Classic vs. Chronograph Watches

A classic watch is, well, classic. It simply tells you the time with only an hour, minute and second hand. This is a better choice if you wear watches simply for style and basic time-telling. A chronograph, on the other hand, is basically two watches in one; it is a classic watch with built-in stopwatch functionality for more precise timekeeping. The chronograph is a better option if you are on the “techy” side and would like a little more functionality than the classic watch, or if you just prefer a larger face with more dials.

Why Wooden Watches Are Our Favorite

Wood is like a fingerprint: no two are exactly the same. Each wooden watch has its own unique markings and color tone, making it truly one-of-a-kind! Wooden watches are also amazingly lightweight compared to other materials, giving them a more pleasant and comfortable feel. It will almost feel as if you aren’t wearing one at all! 

Are Wooden Watches Durable?

Despite being lightweight, wooden watches are still quite durable. But, it’s important to remember that they are still wood and may not be as strong as their steel counterparts.

They make great watches to wear casually for a day in the office or out with friends, but we advise against wearing them while doing heavy lifting, construction, or going to the gym.

Engraved Wooden Watches As A Gift

Imagine engraving their new favorite watch with their initials, a special message, or an inside joke between the two of you.  Personalization is what elevates gifts to a whole new level.  Alone, wooden watches are a very unique and cool, eco-friendly gift, and we include a wooden gift box with every watch to make sure you are covered for any great gifting opportunity. We even offer custom engraved watches!

Here are some great gifting occasions:

  • Father’s Day
  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Graduation
  • Wedding Gift
  • Groomsmen Gifts
  • Corporate Gifts

How To Resize Wooden Watches

Resizing wooden watches is as simple as removing a few links by removing the pins inside the links.  Depending on the watch, and how the pins are held in place, this can be done with a push-tool or a small screwdriver.   All Joycoast wooden watches can be easily adjusted with the push-tool provided inside of the watch box.

Types Of Wooden Watches

Bamboo Watch, Made from Wood

Bamboo Wooden Watches

Bamboo wood has a light brown color tone with an irregular and dotted wood grain. Like most bamboo products, it is known for its very smooth and lightweight feel and its durability is higher than many traditional wood types. Bamboo can be found all over the world, and is one of the most eco-friendly materials since it grows remarkably fast and easily regenerates on its own. 


Zebra Wood Watch


Zebrawood Watches

Zebrawood is commonly found in West Africa and gets its name from the unique striped pattern of its wood grain. It is mostly porous with a mildly rough texture, and has an average durability. Zebrawood is listed as a threatened species due to its declining populations; however, our responsible and sustainable approach helps to mitigate these effects. 


Walnut Wood

With its rich, natural color and woodgrain, walnut is easily amongst the most popular materials used for watches. Walnut generally has a smooth texture with a subtle shimmer, giving it a sleek and attractive look. It is also a very durable wood, making it great for everyday wear!

The natural American walnut wood we use is sustainably-sourced from FSC-certified forests. 

Maple Wooden Watch for Women

Maple Wood

Maple is a very common wood and can be found all over the world. It has a very mild wood grain and a smooth, uniform texture. Like bamboo, maple wood has an attractive, light color tone and is very durable despite its lightweight feel. It is also often used for flooring, furniture and other building projects. Maple wood is very abundant, and results in beautiful products.

Red Sandalwood Watch for Women

Red Sandalwood 

Our natural Red Sandalwood is sustainably-sourced from East Africa, though present in many different areas around the world. Aside from crafting material, sandalwood is commonly used in medicine to treat various health conditions. It has a distinctive woodsy aroma that can last for years, and is often mistaken as cherry wood due to its similar reddish appearance. Sandalwood generally has fine texture with a wood grain that is either straight or slightly wavy. 


Black Sandalwood Watch for Men

Black Sandalwood

Also called dark sandalwood, this wood has the same qualities as red sandalwood with the exception of having a deep, rich color tone and a mostly wavy wood grain. Both red and black sandalwood are very durable.


Ebony Wood

Ebony wood is found in East Africa and sustainably sourced only from FSC-certified forests. It is commonly used for things like cabinetry and piano keys. Ebony has a deep, rich color tone that presents as dark brown to black wood, making it difficult to notice its smooth texture and straight grain. Due to its hardness, this wood is very durable and possesses an elegant natural shine.

Burl Wood

Burl wood is different in that it can be made of several types of wood, including maple, oak and redwood. Burls are deformities that grow in response to some type of stress or injury to the tree. The result is a very unique variation in both color and wood grain, making each burl wood watch truly one-of-a-kind. What’s more, the rest of the tree can still be used after the burl is removed so none of the tree goes to waste. Each piece of burl wood is FSC-certified and harvested using sustainable practices. 

Koa Wood

The Koa tree is native to Hawaii and produces an attractive wood that is also commonly used for furniture, music instruments, canoes and many other objects. Since the wood is abundant on the islands, people will often see these Hawaiian wood watches when visiting. Koa wood can present with a mix of color tones such as golden brown, reddish brown or dark brown and has a nice, natural shimmer. Its texture is semi-coarse and the wood grain is usually wavy or irregular. The Koa we use for wooden watches is FSC-certified and there is no concern for the population at this time. 

Mango Wood

Though not as common as other woods, mango wood is becoming much more popular due to its high sustainability. As with bamboo, mango trees grow very quickly and in large numbers. Also, once they can no longer produce fruit, the rest of the tree can be used for wood instead of going to waste. Mango wood generally has a light, golden brown color with a straight or wavy grain and semi-coarse texture. Its lively color and sustainable nature make it a great addition to our wooden watch collection. 

Purpleheart Wood

As its name suggests, Purpleheart wood has a beautiful reddish-purple tone. It has a mostly straight, fine wood grain and medium texture that presents with a natural shimmer. It’s unique appearance and durability make it a great choice for wooden watches, and it is commonly used for furniture, flooring and other decorative pieces. Though Purpleheart exists in abundance and is not considered threatened, we continue to only use wood that is FSC-certified. 


Are Wooden Watches Sustainable and Eco-Friendly? 

Yes, they are! Unlike metals that are used for conventional watches, wood is a renewable resource and can be grown naturally. Also, harvesting and utilizing the wood requires less resources, results in less waste, and reduces overall greenhouse gas emissions. Don’t forget that wood is also recyclable and biodegradable!

Are Wooden Watches Waterproof?

No. They are not fully waterproof, so you should not allow your watch to be soaked or submerged in water. Wood is porous and absorbs water fairly easily, which can cause damage to both the wood and internal components over time. However, they are water resistant, so it is ok for your watch to be splashed, but please stay out of the shower.

Are Wooden Watches Just for Men?

Of course not! Wood comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns which look great on both men and women.  Our men's watches start at 42MM and our women's sizing starts at 36MM.

How long do wooden watches last?

Let’s be honest, wooden watches won’t be as strong as their steel counterparts. Since wood is relatively softer, the watch may be more prone to damage from scratches or dings over time. Excess exposure to moisture will also shorten the lifespan of the wood. We recommend wearing them mostly in casual settings so that they will last a lifetime.

How do I clean my watch?

Since wooden watches are only water resistant, it is important not to soak the watch in water for extended periods of time. Instead, use a mild soap and damp cloth to gently wipe down all parts of the watch. This will help to remove any buildup of dirt or oils on the wood and improve its lifespan.

Are wooden watches in style?

Yes! Uniqueness is a never-ending trend, and you will be sure to stand out when wearing your own piece of nature. No two wooden pieces are the same, making both you and your watch one-of-a-kind!


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