Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers.  We are here for you.  If you have a question that hasn't been answered below, please contact us and ask away!

What if I order a watch and don't like it?

We are so confident you will love the watch you order that we offer a 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee. 

We will return it or exchange it for another watch of your choice.

How do I know this will fit my wrist?

All joycoast wood watches come with the necessary tools to adjust your band as well as extra links so they can accommodate all wrist sizes. 

Please see our guide on how to size and adjust your wooden watch here.

What is your "Whatever" Warranty?

It's simple.  We give you 45 days. If you break it within that time frame we will replace it free of charge.  After 45 days, if you break it we will offer you 40% off a replacement.

We also offer a 12-month manufacturer warranty in case of any defects.

Why should I purchase from Joycoast?

We have really great reasons as to why you should shop confidently!

Highest Quality - Our watches are the highest quality available

Customer satisfaction Guarantee - If you're not happy, neither are we.  Contact us and we promise to make you happy. :)

Our "Whatever" Warranty!

What are the benefits of a Wooden Watch?

There are several benefits of owning and wearing a wooden watch.  Here are just a few of our favorite:

Unique and Stylish (you will receive compliments constantly)

Lightweight (we aren't joking - these watches are comfortable!)

Natural (created from natural wood in a sustainable fashion)

Do we ship internationally?

Yes. There is a shipping calculator at checkout so you can determine shipping costs outside of USA. 

Are Joycoast watches only sold online?

Our watches are pretty much sold exclusively online with the exception of a few boutiques, stores, and festivals/markets around the United States. 

Is it safe to purchase from

Yes.  Joycoast uses an SSL and our payments are processed by Shopify to guarantee you will not have any issues and your credit card is safe.

Will Joycoast wooden watches break, snap, crack, or destroy easily?

Many people think because our watches are made of wood that they will break easily, but this is not the case.  They are actually very durable, yet lightweight.  You will forget you are wearing it because they are so light and comfortable and probably end up banging it on other objects (like we do).  We wear our wooden watches every day and have never broken one.

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