'Argo' | Tungsten & Koa Wood Ring - Joycoast'Argo' | Tungsten & Koa Wood Ring - Joycoast
'Axe' | Tungsten & Koa Wood Ring - Joycoast'Axe' | Tungsten & Koa Wood Ring - Joycoast

"Axe" | Tungsten & Koa


'Jack' | Tungsten & Tiger Wood Ring - Joycoast'Jack' | Tungsten & Tiger Wood Ring - Joycoast
'Finn' | Tungsten, Turquoise, and Koa Wood Ring - Joycoast'Finn' | Tungsten, Turquoise, and Koa Wood Ring - Joycoast
'Zeus' | Walnut & Tungsten Ring - Joycoast'Zeus' | Walnut & Tungsten Ring - Joycoast
'Huck' | Stainless Steel & Rosewood Ring - Joycoast'Huck' | Stainless Steel & Rosewood Ring - Joycoast
'Hemlock' | Tungsten & Teak Wood Ring - Joycoast'Hemlock' | Tungsten & Teak Wood Ring - Joycoast

Joycoast Wooden Wedding Rings

Wooden rings are emblems of class and style symbolizing continuous growth and strength. Their unique look and meticulous lightweight build can truly set you apart from the rest.

With a huge variety of designs, styles, and colors, pick up the best for yourself and your loved one at Joycoast. Here, we have a diverse collection of exquisite wooden rings having simple to complex designs. We offer custom engraving and personalization, which means you can imprint a special message or initials on your ring.

Perfect Wedding Ring

Are you looking for a unique wedding ring? Make your special day extraordinary by getting a wooden ring instead of a traditional metallic one. You can make the band even more distinct by asking to engrave a special message on it that you and your loved one can remember each other by. Personalized wooden rings can significantly define your big day with their whimsy and charm.

Lightweight and Comfortable Everyday Wear

Wooden rings tend to be lighter than metallic rings and won’t put a lot of stress on your ring finger. They are cozy and comfortable, thanks to the finest wood quality and designs tuned particularly for your style and comfort.

Variety of Woods

We blend the finest wood like Koa, Tiger Wood, Teak, and Rosewood with Tungsten. They come in all colors and match with a wide variety of themes and styles. On top of that, Joycoast wooden rings are comfortable and striking due to their premium designs and build quality.

We Plant 10 Trees for Every Product

It’s important to us that we consider our environmental impact. Together with our partner, Trees for the Future, we plant more trees than the ones we use for the wood in our products. Joycoast goes to the farthest ends to carve out the best wooden rings for you while contributing to the livability of our planet.

One-Year Warranty Included

We offer a one-year manufacturer warranty on all our rings. We even offer a 30 days money-back guarantee as well as free shipping. 

Here at Joycast, we have a variety of sustainable accessories complementing each other. Find the style that suits you and get it with exclusive discounts.